Best movie associated with Casey. She Makes Me Melt

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Lisbet and Casey are dressed for a day out. Casey brings Lisbet her makeup and asks for some help in applying it. As the girls get closer to one another, they lock eyes and know in an instant that they're generating far too much heat between them to ignore in favor of hitting the town.Lisbet makes the first move by tugging Casey's neckline down to run the makeup brush over her girlfriend's big naturals. Casey can't wait another moment to capture Lisbet's lips in a deep kiss. The girls fall to the couch, with Casey easing Lisbet out of her dress and peppering her with kisses. Working her way down, she winds up between Lisbet's thighs where she indulges in a sweet pussy feast.When Casey turns the tables on her lover, Lisbet is ready for action. She lets herself be hoisted to the top of the chair, where she lets her knees fall apart so that Casey can kneel between them. Licking and sucking with patience, Casey asserts her sweet dominance.Turning around and leaning forward over the ottoman, Casey lets Lisbet take the lead yet again. Splayed out on her tummy, she closes her eyes and moans as Lisbet tongue fucks her. When Casey is finally satisfied, she turns over and clutches Lisbet close so that they can embrace and kiss as they come down from their lovemaking.
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