Intriguing pornography accompanied by Chanel Camryn. Our Sugar Mamma Is A Goddess

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Sarah Taylor has been getting her pleasure as a sugar momma. Freya Parker and Sarah Taylor are both here for this lifestyle, but they don't know about each other! Today is the day Sarah has decided to introduce the sugar sisters. Guiding Freya into the house, Sarah tells her that there's a special outfit waiting for her in the bedroom.When Freya goes to the bedroom, she finds Chanel lounging in a Greek goddess getup that highlights every one of her curves and teases at the lush delight beneath. Surprised to see someone else, Freya is shy at first. Chanel does a masterful job of drawing Freya out of her shell. She coaxes Freya into changing and then into starting their good time together while they wait for Sarah.By the time Sarah wanders into the bedroom to join her two sugar babies, Chanel is tongue deep in Freya's pussy. Since Sarah loves to watch, this is just perfect. She joins the girls on the bed and spreads her legs so she can slip her hand down to masturbate to the tune of Freya's soft mewls.By the time Chanel has accomplished her mission, all of Freya's inhibitions have dissolved. She is eager to get naked while helping Chanel to do the same. After sampling the delight of Chanel's nipples, Freya cradles her new sugar sister in her arms as Sarah goes to town licking that pussy. A vibrator appears in Sarah's hand, which she uses to make Chanel squeal in orgasmic delight.Now that both girls have been properly warmed up, they double team Sarah. Watching a redhead and a brunette licking and suckling her sweet folds, Sarah can only tilt her head back in pure bliss. She makes sure that each girl has a solo turn eating her out before succumbing to the sensual pleasure.Eager to keep the party going, Sarah urges Chanel and Freya to come together clit to clit. The girls do some serious scissoring with Sarah's encouragement before putting Sarah in the middle one last time. Seated side by side by side, the ladies each reach out to their nearest girlfriend to create some hot mutual masturbation. That's all it takes for all three of them to come apart one final time, the conclusion to the first but definitely not the last lesbian threesome.
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