Unpredictable trailer relating to Haley Reed. Our Hot Date Gets Even Hotter

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Back from a date that was tons of fun, Haley Reed and Liz Jordan barely make it in the door before they're lip locked. Taking Haley's hands, Liz leads her to the couch. She has Haley seated on the couch within moments so she can climb onto Haley's lap and insist she stick around a little bit longer. Prolonging their date is a pretty high priority for Haley, so of course she agrees.Things are getting nice and hot when Haley's phone rings. She takes the time to pick up since it's her boyfriend. The boyfriend is fine with Haley seeing Liz, but he wants to watch them get it on. Liz is reluctant at first, but Haley is persuasive. Soon enough, Liz is back in the mood and eager to play.Since Liz is the one who's compromising here, she gets to enjoy herself first. Kissing her way south, Haley fondles Liz's breasts and then settles between her thighs. Hiking Liz's skirt up and sliding her panties aside, Haley goes to work with her tongue until Liz is writhing beneath her.Now that Liz has enjoyed herself thoroughly, she's no longer shy about the camera. She gets Haley out of her dress and then begins her journey of exploration at Haley's feet. When she arrives at the heart of Haley's passion, she finds her lover wet and eager to rock her hips up and down in time to her licks.The two of them aren't satisfied going at each other one at a time, so Liz rearranges herself to be on top of Haley, facing away from her. The position lets them enjoy a lesbian 69 with plenty of pussy feasting delight. Any time Liz sits up, Haley keeps her sexy party going with her talented tongue.Things get creative as Haley lets her shoulders fall to the floor while her hips are still cradled by the couch. Liz goes twat to twat with Haley, rubbing back and forth against her. Then she licks the evidence of their lovemaking clean as Haley moans softly.Climbing back onto the couch, Haley pulls Liz into her arms. Liz's back presses against Haley's breasts, abandoning herself to carnal bliss as Haley finger bangs her. By the end, Liz realizes that the titillation of someone watching them really made the sex something special.
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