Amazing sound effects video recording associated with Teal Conrad. Rays Of Light 1

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Lounging in a comfortable chair and wearing black lingerie that sets off the bronze tan of her skin, Teal Conrad slides her fingers over her sensitive skin and enjoys the skitters of pleasure that begin to pool deep inside of her.She releases the clasp on her bra and pulls the material away when she can no longer resist the urge to free her heavy breasts and play with her hard little nipples. Next to go is her thong, which she slides over her smooth stocking-clad legs and off.Standing, Teal allows her hands to continue roaming over her naked skin. Her tender tits receive plenty of attention, but she steadily spends more and more time focusing on her landing strip pussy. When she resumes her seated position, Teal parts her thighs and uses both hands to begin massaging her sweet clit.The incredible feelings coursing through this expressive girl have her shifting frequently, rising to her knees and then resuming her original reclining position on the chair. Through all of her movement, Teal's fingers continue to expertly work her clitoris.As she draws closer to her orgasm, she slips a single finger deep into her tight hole and thrusts in time with her clitoral massage. Ecstasy overwhelms her when her orgasm breaks, pouring waves of pleasure through her body as she gasps and moans her completion.
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