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Maria Kazi is having boy problems and is venting to her BFF Alyx Star. The girls are still dressed in their school uniforms as they chat about Maria's supposed bad kissing skills. Alyx assures Maria that she's a good kisser. To prove it, she tells Maria to kiss her and that she'll be totally honest about it.Maria agrees to the kiss, which is totally hot. Alyx reassures her friend that it was amazing. When Maria says her ex thinks her pussy looked weird, Alyx is right there to check it out and tell her bestie that her bald twat is really quite nice. In fact, Alyx wants to lick it. How can Maria say no?It turns out that Alyx is really quite good at eating pussy. Letting her head drop, Maria loses herself in the moment. Her clit is throbbing as Alyx makes her moan and sigh in delight. She breaks from her pleasure to help ease Alyx out of her shirt to lick and stroke those big boobies, then leans back and spreads her thighs as Alyx resumes her pussy feast.Once Maria has enjoyed herself in the most carnal of ways, she wants to give the same pleasure to Alyx. She helps her busty BFF onto her knees and flips up the miniskirt of Alyx's uniform. On her knees behind Alyx, Maria goes to town licking that cream filled pussy.The girls aren't finished with one another yet. Alyx lays down so that her smaller friend can climb on top of her. They form a lesbian 69 with plenty of pussy play that results in another set of orgasms all around. Sitting up side by side, they finish each other off one last time by playing their fingers over each other's twats as they kiss their own juices off each other's tongues.
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