Great sex relating to Paula. Warm Passion

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A casual brush against her ultra-sensitive hard nipples gets Paula in the mood instantly. The beautiful brunette palms her full breast through her shirt, then pulls the collar down to remove the barrier. With her magnificent boobs freed, Paula soon moves her attention down to the damp cloth of her panties. She slips her hand beneath the fabric, and then pulls it aside to press her fingers against the soft folds of her shaved pussy.Finding herself wet and eager for deeper pleasure, Paula leans back in her chair and parts her tanned thighs to give herself easy access to her tight eager hole. She fills herself with two fingers, pumping in and out of her womanly flesh for a few moments before rising to her feet and leaning forward.Paula reenters herself, stroking her inner walls back and forth as pleasure builds deep within her belly. When she is close to finishing, Paula returns to her back and thrusts her fingers knuckle deep as fast as she can. She cums with a gasp, trembling and moaning her pleasure as her body pulses around her fingers.

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