Wonderful stream video relating to Gina Gerson. Stepmom Wants To Drain My Balls

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Gina Gerson is adjusting to living with her new stepson Tommy Gold, and he's making the same adjustments to her. The tanned European bombshell realizes that Tommy has been jacking off in the shower when she finds his cum on the glass wall. She confronts Tommy gently, telling him that it's fine for him to feel those urges.When Gina presses, she gets Tommy to admit that he fantasizes about her. From there, she helps him to understand that his sperm shouldn't go on the walls; it should go inside her. Gina has him pop his hardon out to show her how he plays with himself. Within moments she has gone for the prize, stroking the shaft and sucking the head. Crawling into Tommy's lap, Gina grinds against him through her jeans as she lets him suckle her tits.Tommy isn't about to deny his smokin' hot stepmom's request. When Gina sits on his dick in reverse cowgirl and begins to rock, he watches with rapt attention. Gina urges Tommy to eat her juicy pussy and then stick it in so she can enjoy a dicking down on her back. When she has sucked her juices clean from the D, she drops to her side for a spooning fuck. Rolling onto her knees, Gina mewls her way through a doggy style pounding. When she mounts Tommy in cowgirl, he finally blows his load inside her, leaving Gina full of cum and definitely pleased.

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